Privacy Policy

1. About this privacy policy

This policy establishes the privacy statement of personal data according to current legal regulations and EDSA values.

Here is everything related to obtaining and protecting EDSA on personal data and access to the EDSA Web portal and implies full acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed below.

The policy will be updated every time there are changes in EDSA on the handling of personal data or any change in the laws in force.

EDSA protects personal data in accordance with current laws (Law 25,326) and maintains the appropriate technological means and procedures to protect personal information against unauthorized or illegal treatment, against loss, disclosure, accidental or malicious access, alteration, destruction or illegal alteration thereof.

EDSA will not use personal data for other purposes that are incompatible with the policy expressed herein unless required by law or that is of vital importance under the circumstances occurred, such as medical emergencies.

2. Personal information

2.1 What information we collect

The data that EDSA records correspond to information of any kind referred to determined or determinable natural persons or of ideal existence. EDSA does not record, under any circumstances, sensitive data in the sense of personal data that reveals racial and ethnic origin, political opinions, religious, philosophical or moral beliefs, union affiliation and information regarding health or sexual life.

No person is obliged to disclose their sensitive data.

EDSA records personal data of employees, potential employees, customers, suppliers.

Except for certain information required by law, the decision to provide any personal information is voluntary. EDSA will not share the information registered with any person outside the organization except in cases where it has the express authorization of the person who supplied it or that is required by judicial or legal order. Under no circumstances, registered data is traded.

EDSA does not register personal data in its Web Portal without the full will of the person.

In the event that a person provides personal data of a third party, EDSA is not responsible for such information and the person providing the data must ensure that this person (third party) knows the privacy policy and informs their consent.

EDSA is not responsible under any circumstances for the interpretation and / or for the incorrect interpretation or for the improper use of those expressed in its Web Portal including this privacy policy.

All personal information will be used only to provide a personalized service according to the related service.

2.2 How do we obtain it

EDSA does not obtain personal data from browsing its Web Portal nor does it request any personal information that is not from basic contact on that portal. The request for data made in the Web Portal corresponds to the sending of the Curriculum Vitae (CV) by email in the Careers or Contact Us section when someone is interested in our services.

EDSA may collect personal data for marketing purposes from public sources including content made public on social networks to establish an initial contact.

A person can spontaneously communicate or deliver their personal data to EDSA.

EDSA does not use the personal data registered in its clients under any circumstances. Access to customer data is framed in the security policies that each customer defines and EDSA accepts.

2.3 How do we use it

EDSA uses personal data only for commercial purposes, labor relations, marketing or activities related to the services it offers, we do not use personal data for purposes other than those strictly related to the activity that EDSA performs unless required by law or authorize.

We may transfer personal identification data to our customers or service providers, government authorities or third parties with a relationship or potential commercial or corporate relationship, even located in other countries. EDSA makes sure to ensure that personal data receives the appropriate treatment required by the laws and policies of EDSA.

2.4 Where do we store it

Personal data is recorded in CRM databases or systems used for commercial management. These systems record personal data that belong to our clients' contact persons and other companies with whom we maintain a business relationship or potential business relationship. These data correspond to contact information, public information, email responses, telephone communications or personal contacts via social networks.

EDSA does not record personal information in means that are not secure and reliable according to the policies, controls and procedures to guarantee the security, integrity and confidentiality of the data, fervently trying to avoid unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure of the data.

It is important to mention that all personal data that is sent over the Internet through networks that link to EDSA's contact channels without appropriate security measures can be accessed and used by people other than those for whom the data is intended.

EDSA will keep personal data only for as long as necessary according to their purpose. The data is kept as long as there is a continuous relationship with EDSA, as long as it is necessary to provide EDSA services, while there is the possibility of working in EDSA or to comply with the legal obligations defined by law.

2.5 Rectification, update or deletion

Everyone has the right (under the circumstances, conditions and exceptions provided by law) to request access to their own data registered in EDSA, this request is made through the channels enabled by EDSA, that is, by email to the address

Also, and under the same channel, a person can request the rectification of their personal data in case of being incorrect, incomplete or that the condition of any of them has been modified.

At any time a person can request the restriction or deletion of their personal data (unless the law indicates otherwise).

If despite the commitment and willingness of EDSA to protect personal data, a person considers that their privacy rights have been violated, we invite you to report the situation to EDSA to find a solution to any existing claim.

You can do this through the following channel:

3. EDSA Website

3.1 What information is obtained from EDSA Website

EDSA, under no circumstances, records personal or browsing information on its Website, neither will the personal data be requested unless the interested party wishes to do so by sending their CV, requesting a quote which triggers an email to EDSA or by inquiries in the Career, Quote or Contact Us sections. The requested data correspond to basic personal contact information.

The person expressly acknowledges that by informing this data he gives his consent to use his personal data whatever the nature and / or species under any modality and / or purpose, even transfer it to third parties at any time with the rules expressed in this policy.

3.2 Links to third party sites

The EDSA Website may contain external links to or from associated networks, advertisers or affiliates.El Portal Web de EDSA puede contener enlaces externos desde o hacia redes asociadas, anunciantes o filiales.

There are certain third-party programs (Widgets and Applications), such as YouTube or LinkedIn that may have your personal data registered for their own purposes. EDSA is not responsible for the use of this data.

4. Rules and laws

4.1 Legal framework

EDSA's personal data privacy policy is framed in the following Argentine national laws:

  • Law 25,326 on the protection of personal data.
  • Decree 1558/01 of regulation of the law of protection of personal data.
  • Resolution 47/2018.

4.2 Rights of the holder of personal data

Any person may request information from the control body regarding the existence of files, records, database or databases of personal data, their purposes and the identity of those responsible.

The owner of the data, prior accreditation of its identity, has the right to request and obtain information of the personal data included in public or private data banks intended to provide reports. EDSA will provide the requested information within ten (10) calendar days of being notified. EDSA will provide the information clearly, in accessible language and in the terms used.

The person can exercise their right to prevent the use or registration of personal data by using the communication channel offered by EDSA of voluntary exclusion as well as the right to discontinue commercial communications or delete personal data from our database (CRM ) at any time by sending an email to the address In such cases EDSA will maintain minimum personal contact information to indicate that the person has been voluntarily excluded to avoid contacting him again.

4.3 Exceptions to the authorization of the holder

The authorization of the owner of the data will not be necessary when the data are obtained from sources of unrestricted public access, are obtained for the exercise of functions of the powers of the State or under a legal obligation, they are lists whose data is limit the name, identity document, tax or provisional identification, occupation, date of birth and address, derives from a contractual, scientific or professional relationship of the owner of the data and is necessary for its development or compliance.

5. Cookies and other technologies

5.1 Cookies

EDSA does not use Cookies or any other mechanism to obtain information without the express consent of the person. Both the Website and any other application that EDSA publishes are exempt from collecting information from IP, browsers, networks or any other data that may be obtained.

6. Questions

If you have any questions or queries, you can contact