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We provide maintenance and support services for all types of software applications built on different technologies by EDSA or by other companies.

The service is based on continuous monitoring to proactively react to any incident. We strive to resolve any technical issue as soon as possible (ideally before the user notices it) in order to prevent it from negatively impacting their business operations.

EDSA's support and maintenance solutions

EDSA Service Manteinance
Customer support

This service provides technical support to users and helps resolve any issues the client may have with the operation of the applications. It can include providing documentation, troubleshooting guides, and online support via phone, chat, video conferencing, self-service tools, and even through AI chatbots.

Hypercare support

After the launch of an application, issues often arise for various reasons. It is crucial to have strong support in the initial stages of an application to ensure that users' impressions are not negative and that the objectives pursued with the application are achieved as soon as possible. This service includes a combination of all types of support and maintenance services, from user training to code modifications.

Adaptive maintenance This service is responsible for ensuring that the solutions are up-to-date and aligned with both the latest technological trends and the business needs that arise.
Software updates and improvements This service is responsible for ensuring that the solutions are up-to-date and aligned with both the latest technological trends and the business needs that arise.
Bug fixing and error correction This service is responsible for identifying and fixing faults or issues in current solutions to ensure their stability and functionality.
Dedicated software maintenance team EDSA offers dedicated teams for maintenance and support services to ensure the health and longevity of your applications. The team we assign adheres to industry security standards.

What problems do you face if you don't have a solid support and maintenance strategy?

  • Expensive repair/incident resolution services for applications
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Application aging and loss of competitiveness
  • Reduced productivity
  • Damage to the organization's reputation
  • Disruption in business continuity
  • Problems that last over time

How do we start?

Requirements gathering and consulting

Service consultants will carry out an exhaustive exploration of your reality and needs.
The scope of the support service that your organization requires is evaluated and clear and detailed maintenance objectives are determined together with your organization in order to achieve a successful Service.

3 maintenance proposals

At this stage, we detail your requirements, sign an NDA, begin shaping an SLA based on commitments in detail, and present three proposals for your review and discussion together:

  • A work proposal based on ITIL practices.
  • An economic proposal.
  • A value proposition

Service launch

We set up the appropriate team according to the agreed proposals and with the necessary expertise. We define the responsible person and service coordinator. We launch the service with the agreed-upon levels.
The service coordinator will hold weekly and monthly meetings with your organization to review the status of service levels and make necessary adjustments until the service is stable.

Which are the support service levels?

EDSA Service Manteinance

Level 01

This level is in charge of answering calls, emails and other means of contact.

Once the case is attended to, their field of action consists of providing basic support, troubleshooting in real time, and escalating tickets to level 2 and 3 support.

They also provide support for configuration solutions that were previously resolved and documented by level 2 and 3 engineers.

EDSA Service Manteinance

Level 02

This level is responsible for quickly restoring operations after a failure in any of the applications.

It covers the investigation of applications, log, databases, APIs, environment components and cloud infrastructure to analyze problems and their cause.

It does not make any changes to the code of these. If they can solve the case, they will do it; otherwise, it will raise to level 3.

EDSA Service Manteinance

Level 03

This level is responsible for resolving advanced software problems and making improvements by changing the code of your program. Our L3 service covers:

  • Bug-fixing using code or database changes to solve complex problems.
  • Audits and code reviews.
  • Security and performance issues.
  • System compliance checks.
  • Integration interface updates

Why EDSA is an excellent choice for software maintenance and support services?

Proven Track Record

For 25 years we have provided support, testing, application maintenance and software development services, helping to create software solutions for companies in different industries. The result: high customer satisfaction and retention rates.

resolution commitment

Our support team is trained to understand the implications of various issues in applications, generating a high level of commitment to resolving each case. Additionally, they have excellent command of English and strong communication skills.
We provide our clients with detailed monthly service reports and technical support documentation if necessary.

team maturity

EDSA's software maintenance support teams are comprised of 70% senior personnel, all of whom work following ITIL practices.
Our process has been perfected by addressing projects of diverse criticality, complexity, and industry. Moreover, those who coordinate this service are veterans who have been providing support and maintenance services for years. Your solutions will be supported by a highly experienced team.

Individual packages

After studying your needs and objectives, we can offer tailor-made packages of software support and maintenance services to meet the project requirements and address your needs quickly and efficiently.

Document and knowledge management

EDSA generates a knowledge base for its resolutions with step-by-step resolution documents. This way, knowledge of resolution methods is available to the entire team at all times, freeing them from the need for superhero presence.

Service Manager

EDSA puts at your disposal a service manager who is in charge of different activities such as:

  • Proactive activities such as training users on changes in applications.
  • Service status presentation.
  • Suggestions on technology trends.
  • Fluid communication with your organization in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Team in constant training

A career plan is assigned to Each member of EDSA, and they are in constant training, which guarantees that you will have a modern service and updated professionals.


The communication your users will encounter will be friendly and engaging, fostering a natural environment that encourages users to express themselves without fear about their lack of knowledge or problems.

Release management

The support and maintenance team can carry out the software update or new software delivery process. Additionally, this service is responsible for version control and source code management.

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