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EDSA's RPA solutions

Strategic RPA consulting

In order to ensure that the RPA initiative is aligned with your organization's business objectives, we assist you in defining the RPA roadmap. We identify the priority areas to address, the technology to implement, necessary work teams, all adjusted to expectations, budgets and times.

RPA workshops

We provide a FREE introduction workshop to RPA, which also includes candidate process discovery activities.

Process consulting

Once the objectives have been defined, using an evaluation methodology, we assist you in the identification and prioritization of candidate processes to be automated, considering their automation potential.

RPA 90 points audit

EDSA has a 90 points CoE assessment. As a result, findings and oportunities arise after evaluating:

  • The CoE structure.
  • The RPA strategic plan.
  • The RPA backlog and demand.
  • The development process and support.
  • Licenses.
CoE support

We help your CoE with best practices, RPA program management, process analysis, environment optimization, and quality control.

RPA factory

We build all kinds of robots. We work with UIPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, Microsoft Power Automate and BotReady. The factory is in charge of the hole lifecycle, from the analysis to the support.

Architecture consulting

We design your RPA architecture. Our certified architects follow Partners best practices to deliver secure and scalable corporate solutions.

Support and maintenance

We keep your robots running. Our maintenance team solves typical problems such as changes in the environment or updating processes. In addition, our RPA help desk based on ITIL practices achieves excellent service. This user service is central to achieving a good RPA adoption rate in your organization.

DevOps and implementation

This activity is often underestimated. Obtaining permits, installing the manufacturer's tools, and to make the robots work, is critical, and if not done in an orderly way can delay the launch of the automations for months. EDSA assists you in the transition from development to production. We configure and manage all your environments: development, testing, UAT, and production.

Benefits and added value of EDSA Robotics

RPA development framework
EDSA has a development framework that provides:
  • Reduction in development time, increase in productivity (15%).
  • Increased collaboration, the team has standard steps, utilities and pieces of code available to reuse.
  • Reduction in error rate when testing.
  • Better quality solutions.
RPA Development practices
EDSA has development practices designed to improve the quality, efficiency and success of applications. It contains among other elements:
  • Guidelines for requirements management.
  • Guidelines, recommendations and coding standards.
  • Design guidelines and recommendations.
  • Nomenclature standards.
  • Reuse suggestions.
  • Testing guide.
  • Version control and deploy guide.
  • Secure development recommendations compatible with ISO 27001.
  • Cross technology coding recommendations and recommendations by technology (UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Power Automate).
  • Continuous collaboration between team members.
BotReady is a tool that gives users visibility into their processes, allowing them on the one hand to know the result of their work, and on the other hand to monitor the performance of a robot in real time from any device. It also allows you to modify the behavior of the robot. We offer this solution to the client's RPA program at no cost, ensuring optimal integration into the organization.
Automation Journey
Automation Journey motivates all members of the organization to suggest process automation initiatives, enriches the vision of middle and senior management on available automations and encourages the dissemination of developed solutions, ensuring access and availability to the entire organization in different regions or areas.
EDSA Vision
In areas with high volume of documentation, EDSA Vision can be the ideal ally for collaborators who are in charge of recording document information (physical or digital) in the company's applications.
EDSA Vision is an OCR tool trained to identify documents and extract the data and automatically record it in the corresponding application, allowing the user to adjust from a control panel.

And also…

EDSA has been the first Partner in Latin America to achieve the USN (UiPath Service Network) certification, being part of a global elite group of best qualified partners to provide RPA solutions.

EDSA has developed Robots for important corporations using the solutions of the main manufacturers according to the Gartner quadrant (Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Power Automate and UiPath).

EDSA has more than 70 certified professionals in UiPath technologies.


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