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From idea to implementation, EDSA is by your side with specialized and self-managed teams. With the experience of having created over 50 teams for clients from around the world, we help assemble the engineering team that best meets the demands of your business.

Why dedicated teams?

Having dedicated and self-managed software teams is an excellent option because their composition is designed according to your specific requirements. The team has control over the development process and can make changes easily as the project evolves. The benefit is not only from the group of engineering professionals with different skills and expertise but also from the tools and practices that come with the service, such as information security considerations, development frameworks, and specialized guidance.

With this service your business gains flexibility, scalability and the ability to directly manage your application and/or feature versions with unlimited technical support from EDSA.


EDSA Manage dDeveloped Teams
Start and stop when you want

Easy to manage. Once the team is operational, you can stop the service in a planned way without any additional charges.

EDSA Manage dDeveloped Teams
Smooth communication

The client will have direct communication with a project leader. EDSA will propose brief weekly follow-up meetings.

EDSA Manage dDeveloped Teams
You can forget about the expensive recruitment process

Since you don't have to worry about unpredictable expenses when selecting, screening, and assembling IT specialists into a team: we do trhat for you.

EDSA Manage dDeveloped Teams
You keep full technical ownership of the project and get access to ScienceSoft’s expertise We share our company’s best practices and pass on all the project artifacts and knowledge accumulated in the project to your in-house team.
EDSA Manage dDeveloped Teams
You control the results without spending time on daily management

We provide a dedicated project manager who oversees the process and daily workflows, and reports to your project manager (or service owner) as frequently as necessary to ensure process transparency and alignment with your goals. This way, you'll have more time to focus on the core aspects of the project.

EDSA Manage dDeveloped Teams
Reduce your staff turnover

Staff turnover entails hidden costs. From the loss of knowledge affecting project speed to recruitment costs, project delay costs, among others.

EDSA vs. staffing: The main differences

Significant attributes EDSA Staffing Results
Development frameworks Development speed, standardization, effective maintenance
Team management Adequate task assignment, efficient coordination, better quality control
Certified methodologies Unifed working methods
Weekly status reports Transparent and professional project progress information
Corrections based on feedback Fast team role adjustment
Quickly team adjustments Highly scalable up or down
Low staff turnover Teams with low turnover of their members are much more successful
Hybrid work mode The productivity of hybrid work significantly surpasses that of fully remote work
Development speed By working all under the same framework, which they already know or eventually adapt to, the speed is superior to that of members scattered around the world

Working methodology

At this stage, we explore the business needs that the client requires to solve with technologies, the desired times to have the solution, the implications of having this solution in the business, and all the information that may be of interest to provide an excellent solution. This latter information is complemented with data on solution functions, user roles, necessary integrations, reports for business analysis, and more.
3 proposals are presented to the client:
  • A simple economic proposal based on the assigned work team.
  • A work proposal with its planning, forms, team members, scope, technology, time estimates, and everything related to the project and the team members themselves. A detailed roadmap is provided.
  • A value proposition detailing the differential that EDSA can add in this service.


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