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Cloud technologies are at the heart of digital transformation.

With easy access to data and new ways to view, analyze, and automate the flow of information, the cloud has created new and powerful capabilities for businesses to scale on demand anywhere in the world.

EDSA’ cloud engineering solutions

EDSA Cloud Engineering
Cloud Consulting

A well-defined cloud strategy helps accelerate the digital transformation journey.

An effective roadmap includes a strategy for setting a course for the future, migrating existing platforms and infrastructure to the cloud, and building new cloud-native applications.

We focus on:

  • Providing insights on an optimal cloud infrastructure strategy
  • Making decisions on which applications could be migrated, re-platformed, or retired
  • Creating a path for enterprise cloud migration
  • Establishing a roadmap for new application development
EDSA Cloud Engineering
Cloud Migration

Our cloud migration approach is driven by automation, security, and tools that ensure an accelerated migration of applications, data, and workloads to a cloud-based environment.

We focus on:

  • Enterprise application migration to the cloud
  • Data migration to the cloud
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud platforms
  • Mass "lift and shift" migration
EDSA Cloud Engineering
Cloud Application Design and Development

Accelerate business with cloud-native enterprise and customer-facing applications connected across the web and mobile devices. Applications must be able to scale in a hybrid cloud environment. Apps must be able to scale in a hybrid Cloud environment.

We focus on:

  • Cloud-native application development
  • Architecture development, containerization, and microservices

Benefits of creating cloud-native applications

EDSA Cloud Engineering

Rapid application development (67% faster product lifecycle)

Unlimited scalability (100% scalability support)

Reliable and high-performance serverless configuration (58% performance increase)

Agility to respond to a dynamic market (50% of businesses respond to market changes at a faster pace)

Reduced server downtime (Up to 92% reduction in downtime)


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