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We build APIs that connect and integrate every aspect of your business.

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EDSA has honed its skills in API development and third-party API integration to support companies with extensive experience. From design and testing to implementation and management, our team focuses on providing secure, scalable, and easy-to-use API solutions.

End-to-End API Development Services


API Consulting

EDSA is committed to achieving client satisfaction and success, which comes from expert development, consulting, and guidance. Our experts leverage their years of API development experience to create specific API roadmaps that result in high-quality API integration and management.

No two businesses are alike. A personalized strategy that addresses unique business challenges, goals, and structure is the key to implementing API integrations that transform the business. Our experts leverage their years of API development experience to create specific API roadmaps that result in high-quality API integration and management.

Using an in-depth analysis of code, security, processes, and architecture, we will identify the right strategy and plan to equip your business model with cutting-edge APIs. Whether you require custom API development, management, integration, or monetization, our API consulting services will ensure complete fulfillment of your particular needs.


Custom API Development

Your business needs the right APIs to break down silos and transform your current business model with a real-time data-driven strategy. This allows information to flow seamlessly across your business, resulting in rapid decision-making, highly accurate forecasting, and the power to capitalize on opportunities more quickly.

Our experts use open-source and third-party APIs to deliver a custom solution. Whether you need third-party API integrations, REST APIs for microservices, translation APIs, or more, our end-to-end API development services have you covered. Here's what our custom API development services include:

Mobile API development

EDSA creates robust and easily understandable mobile APIs that your business can utilize for data analysis, payment processing, appointment scheduling, data usage verification, source geolocation, account balance retrieval, bill payment, and more. Our experts leverage their extensive technical expertise to enrich your mobile applications with innovation and quality.

Web API development

EDSA creates lightweight and simple REST APIs in various programming languages, including Ruby, Python, and PHP, that offer easy integration, security, and the best possible customer experience for your business.

Cloud API development

Building cloud-based APIs to integrate applications into the cloud for seamless document sharing, social networking, video streaming, etc. We also provide cloud integration of direct, indirect, and cross-platform apps. We specialize in deploying PaaS APIs, IaaS APIs, SaaS APIs, and cloud-provider APIs, depending on your business goals.

AI API Development

Utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) through natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML) algorithms, computer vision (CV), and other AI technologies to create web APIs for fraud detection, customer service chatbots, predictive analytics, recommendation engines, and other applications.


Custom API Integration

Get high-quality, custom API integrations that ensure seamless connection of all your software components. Our experts have mastered the art of creating and implementing API integrations tailored to your specific business needs.

Our experts, with experience at leading technology companies, know exactly how to design, develop, and integrate functional APIs that automate your workflows, avoid complex code structures, and ensure affordable business automation.

They also implement third-party API integrations that allow for seamless communication between various technologies, components, and software programs. With us, you can further extend the potential of your software through custom third-party or open-source tools, including web platforms, payment platforms, social networks, and maps.


API Implementation
Support and Maintenance

At EDSA, we understand the importance of consistency for business growth and transformation. That's why we provide ongoing maintenance and support for a client's API development services. Whether it's API development, integration, or testing, our experts offer hands-on assistance with any solution our clients provide us with.

We make continuous efforts to ensure that custom APIs perform as intended, long after initial implementation. We identify and fix bottlenecks, update APIs periodically, monitor their performance, and determine areas for performance optimization to achieve the desired results.


Cloud API Integration

Unlock true business excellence through first-rate cloud API integrations that meet your diverse needs. Our experts have significant experience in designing, developing, and implementing cloud-based API integration solutions that easily integrate your existing software systems with cloud-based services.

Easy access to applications and data is key to smooth business operations. With us, you get expert cloud API integration services that allow you to access data and applications on any device or location, more reliably, securely, and quickly. At EDSA, we work with industry-leading cloud service providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform, to ensure that our clients get robust cloud solutions aligned with their needs.

We also provide 360-degree cloud API management to help your business create, evaluate, operate, and scale custom APIs in a secure environment.

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Maximum Efficiency.

Benefits of API Development


Efficiency Improvements

Reduced time to market

Improved customer experience

Enhanced system connectivity


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