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Salesforce Silver Cloud Alliance Partner

No software. No hardware. No maintenance worries.
Transform your company with the most reliable leader in Cloud Computing and CRM.

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Salesforce products offer hassle-free results. Having no software or hardware to install, they allow you to start working and see positive results in your business right away.
That is to say, software is published in the Cloud (Service as a Service), so users can have access from different devices and mobile applications.

Cloud Computing - Benefits
You do not need to manage hardware or software: that is the responsibility of, an experienced provider. Shared infrastructure makes it work as a utility: Clients only pay for what they need (subscriptions), updates are automatic (3 updates per year), and the extension or reduction of service entails a simple procedure.

Cloud-based applications can be implemented and run within days or weeks, and they are less expensive. With a Cloud-based application, you just need to open a browser, register, customize the application and start using it.

Cloud Computing is making business applications be mobile and have a higher collaboration capacity, being similar to popular consumer applications such as Facebook and Twitter.

Web CRM - Benefits
Web CRM delivers fast amortization
Since there is no need to make a huge initial capital investment, you take an immediate shortcut to CRM success and earn money. Return on investment is much faster than for most CRM software.

Web-based CRM allows for a quick implementation
Web-based CRM's implementations are usually completed in weeks or months, in comparison to the 12 months necessary for the implementation of the traditional client/server CRM software.

Web-based CRM eases customization
With online CRM solutions such as Salesforce CRM, basic customization is easy; even business users can make changes within minutes through a simple interactive interface.

On-demand CRM renders unlimited extension capacity uses a multi-user approach; thus, there is no software and you can adapt the implementation quickly, without incurring high costs or having to wait for weeks or months.

Easy updates of Web CRM’s features
Since the implementation of the CRM’s new features is almost instantaneous, you always have the most recent version of the Web-based CRM, so updates are very easy. Updating Salesforce CRM is like shopping at your favorite websites, like Web-based email or social networks; all you need is there and it works just fine right after the updating process.