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EDSA Business Intelligence

This is an assistant aimed at managing different types of digital content, which makes it possible to capture, share, maintain and control digital content in your company...

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Edify is a tool that can perform the following functions within the organization:

. Events Alerter
. Communications & Relations Assistant

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. Document Management - Knowledge Management
. Record Management - E-Discovery - Compliance Management
. Social Communication Tool

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. Sales & Marketing
. Finance & Accounting
. Business Relationship with the Client
. Technical Support Department

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Potential Uses

Sales & Marketing
Has your company invested time and money in your CRM but there are still missing parts in the jigsaw? Edify can be integrated to your CRM, thus providing the possibility to control all the sales support material, published in a central space that may be easily accessed from your CRM application. Additionally, your sales representatives will have a collaboration tool that will allow them to share information about their clients and their preferences.

How Does It Work?
A structure (ontology) is created according to the sales department's characteristics.
Edify is integrated to your CRM, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.
Sales representatives start accessing all the marketing and sales material they need, without leaving the CRM interface.
Sales representatives can attach e-mails and telephone conversations recordings, or prepare versions of documents, such as price lists or product/specifications lists, from the CRM.
Model agreements and RFPs can be obtained.
Facebook, LinkedIN or other contacts links can be recorded.

Finance & Accounting
Is it necessary to have a person to monitor the termination date of service agreements, tax return deadlines, or critical payments? How can we control the person not to forget? Now Edify lets you know when you should act, so that you have time to carry on with your business. Edify can tab documents to be reviewed and monitored later, as well as send proactive alerts, ensuring that your defined processes are appropriately monitored and meeting your business needs.

How Does It Work?
The user identifies and creates critical dates, for example, to renew agreements or pay taxes, as well as other dates included in any document's tabs.
The user receives alerts through Edify's events alerter.
The user updates the documents when changes are made.
The user can see all the changes made to the document on a historical basis, as well as perform audit tests.
Edify ensures the user that no other changes were made, since the document was locked.

Business Relationship with the Client
(Sales / Legal / Commercial)

Organizing commercial operations may be rather difficult as a result of lost e-mails, multiple versions of files or documents, or repeated reviews of agreements and proposals. EDIFY eliminates task repetition, allowing all the parties to collaborate in the same platform, have quick access to documents, and find all the information required at any time.

How Does It Work?
The administrator creates work spaces, folders and subfolders for all the documents of the business area (proposals, agreements, notes, etc.).
The administrator creates access authorizations for the pertinent parties of a business, the company’s internal staff, clients, partners, and others.
The administrator creates alerts for each document, which will tell each involved party the actions that need to be carried out.

Technical Support Department
Does your technical support team waste time searching for solutions to problems that have already been solved? Are the persons that know how to solve a problem not available? Edify allows for strengthening ITIL’s best practices in such a way that anybody can solve a problem that has already been solved in the past, thus reducing technical support costs and improving service levels.

How Does It Work?
The administrator creates work spaces, folders and subfolders in order to record solutions to technical support problems.
The agent solving a case records the solution on Edify on a step-by-step basis, placing tabs on the document, such as keywords, error codes, menu, screen, etc.
The agent receiving a case first searches for the solution on Edify to see if it has already been recorded.
The agent complements the case by making new comments or new versions of the document.
The agent allows the client to have access to this type of solutions and product installations.