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Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV collects your business’s functions into one integrated system. With close visual and functional ties to Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office, it’s easy to learn, simple to use, and quick to implement...

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Why Navision?

A complete, familiar and customizable solution designed to cover almost any business need and to support your employees making decisions in a trust environment.

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Microsoft Dynamics Navision is a complete, quickly-deployable, easy-to-setup and friendly used...

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Being a Microsoft Certified Partner, fully-qualified on business solution consulting, we understand small and mid-sized companies’ needs; we are able to suggest the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to achieve a vertical and custom solution that would satisfy your business requirements...

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Microsoft Dynamics for the management of the supply chain

Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you respond profitably to your partners in the supply chain and customers. It helps you plan and reorganize production to meet new and changing market demands, strengthen the process of distribution and warehouse inventory management according to your specific needs, and improve the efficiency of your business relationships with personalized portals and automated businesstransactions.

Fact Sheets

Automated Data Collection (ADCS)
Reduce costs by streamlining your inventory management processes. Collect and use accurate inventory data in real time, improve warehouse efficiency with access to inventory data in real time, and increase the visibility of accurate inventory data throughout your company.

Business Notification
Automatically generate email messages to your employees, suppliers, partners and customers informing and alerting them of critical business conditions.

Streamline operations to benefit both you and your customers. Reducing operating costs save time and money to your entire organization and allow you to offer more competitive prices. Cost reduction is a business objective worth in itself, but it's another way to strengthen relationships with customers.

Respond quickly to changing customer demands. Promise your customers a reliable delivery date immediately, modify and track orders, and identify processes that could be more efficient and easily modify them.

Manufacturing Foundation
Help your company stand out from the competition by responding quickly to changing customer needs medium and large size.

Returns Management
Transform customer frustration into satisfaction. Streamline and simplify the tasks you perform, improving efficiency and responsiveness to questions and requests from its customers. When a client asks for the return status of a process, you can easily see what steps have been taken.

Warehouse Management
Save time and money implementing efficient storage processes. Maximize the efficiency of sending and receiving of goods, optimize warehouse space utilization, and always know exactly where your goods are stored.