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Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV collects your business’s functions into one integrated system. With close visual and functional ties to Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office, it’s easy to learn, simple to use, and quick to implement...

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Why Navision?

A complete, familiar and customizable solution designed to cover almost any business need and to support your employees making decisions in a trust environment.

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Microsoft Dynamics Navision is a complete, quickly-deployable, easy-to-setup and friendly used...

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Being a Microsoft Certified Partner, fully-qualified on business solution consulting, we understand small and mid-sized companies’ needs; we are able to suggest the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to achieve a vertical and custom solution that would satisfy your business requirements...

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Why Navision?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers what you need as you need it. It is a comprehensive, adaptable and familiar solution that has been designed to cover almost any business need and help your people make business decisions with confidence.

A solution that is based on your strengths
The open architecture of Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you adapt the standard technology platform into an adequate solution tailored to your way of doing business.

Delivered fast and profitable
The Implementation is fast and efficient. With an integrated solution, your information is always accurate, eradicating time wasting reconciling the figures obtained from different systems. Start with basic activities and financial information, such as billing, cost control, accounting and inventory. Add more financial, relationship management, manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce and analytics applications as your business grows. You can also start with a single user and add more as needed. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is easy to maintain, and can provide ongoing support, including an excellent training of your employees.

A reliable platform for growth: open and safe
The object-oriented development environment and the compact source code of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, make it easy to customize, maintain and connect with other systems.

A reliable database
Whether you choose Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Business Solutions Navision Database Server, you can count on a reliable method for storing data. The security system not only controls who can access, but also ensures that you never have inconsistencies.

Easy to learn
Belonging to the family of Microsoft software, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a known and simple aspect that facilitates and accelerates the process of training and adaptation of employees and new users.

Access to information in any language
Offer your customers and vendors better service by providing them with inventory reports, printed reports and invoices in their own language and their own currency,being able to switch to any installed language on the fly.

Advanced technology supportsyour growing business
Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to scale easily to support your growing business. You can add users, additional locations and improve its functionality when you need it.

Key benefits
Increase your productivity.
Increase your competitive edge.
Make your business grow.
Interconnect your employees, customers and partners.