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Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV collects your business’s functions into one integrated system. With close visual and functional ties to Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office, it’s easy to learn, simple to use, and quick to implement...

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Why Navision?

A complete, familiar and customizable solution designed to cover almost any business need and to support your employees making decisions in a trust environment.

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Microsoft Dynamics Navision is a complete, quickly-deployable, easy-to-setup and friendly used...

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Being a Microsoft Certified Partner, fully-qualified on business solution consulting, we understand small and mid-sized companies’ needs; we are able to suggest the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to achieve a vertical and custom solution that would satisfy your business requirements...

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With Microsoft Dynamics NAV for manufacturing companies of any size can increase operational efficiency and effectively manage production, including production orders, bills of material, supply planning and capacity requirements planning. Flexible processes and integrated information allows you to engage with customers accurately, respond quickly to requests and last minute changes and seize new business opportunities that will help your company to overtake the competition.

Manufacturing remains an important driver in today's economy. Critical success factors in this industry remain constant: produce the right products in the right quantities, at the right time, with good quality at a price that the customer is willing to pay. However, flexibility and continuous improvement are also essential.

Success includes the flexibility to respond to emerging markets such as the current growth opportunities in China and Europe, and the changing needs of customers. Taking advantage of these opportunities and demands involves quickly adapting to new approaches, trading partners, and procurement strategies.

Microsoft Dynamics offers integrated business applications, adaptable for small and medium enterprises, as well as divisions of large companies. These integratedsolutions are delivered through a worldwide network of Microsoft Certified Partners who have extensive work experience.

With Microsoft Dynamics solutions, your small production company can:

Integrating the communication and collaboration
Synchronizing communication between engineering, manufacturing, and subcontractors, you can ensure greater flexibility of its technicians supported by subcontractors through the integration of ERP systems with computer-aided design (CAD). The manufacturing department can confirm that is producing the latest designs. Business portals let you share information within their systems through the Web to the right people at the right time to keep your business moving and customers happy.

Offer an exceptional customer service

To ensure customer loyalty you need to provide an excellent after-sales service. With Microsoft Dynamics solutions, you can track a project from design to sale to the customer. Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you access to deep customer knowledge based on past experiences, which helps you identify, meet and exceed their service level agreements (SLA) and the requirements of a contract.

Provide accurate and budget estimates

It is possible to efficiently align customer requirements with its capabilities while maintaining a standardized product line and, together with their previous experience with a client, suggest the right product. Microsoft Dynamics solutions can help you plan for standard components, reducing delivery time, and in many cases, the subsequent discovery of omissions or errors, being this the biggest challenge. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you accurately record the client's needs and reuse that information in future budgets.

Provide a flexible production planning

Often difficulties might appear when keeping each job separate and visible in order to meet specific customer requirements as far as resources are concerned. While in production some problems might require planning or engineering to change the processes. But often these changes are lost in additional activities and information. To help you respond quickly and effectively, Microsoft Dynamics support manufacturing modes such as:
ETO (Engineer-to-Order).
MTO (Make-to-Order).
MTS (Make-to-Stock).
And even some mixed or hybrid modes.
You decide and define the best practices and the planning system will run them.

Effectively manageprojects

With Microsoft Dynamics solutions, you can manage projects and resources efficiently, establishing budgets, manage billing, review current costs, and tracking of activities and resources at various levels of detail. You can also use the knowledge and content of previous or ongoing projects, to improve their processes and avoid mistakes.